Rental Skates

WiseTech Rental Skates

(A New Generation of Plastic Injection Skates)

  • Specially Designed for Rental Use.
  • A combination of comfort and durability
  • Unique plastic injection technique coated with a rubber mixture on top of leather insole
  • While the leather insole provide comfort that plastic skate don’t have, the plastic surface provide the support and waterproof that simple leather skate lack of.
  • Rubber is used instead of PVC which provides stronger support and is more durable.
  • Ankle pad replaced traditional ankle place to accommodate different foot shape.
  • Padded rubber tongue to ensure good support and comfort.
  • Easy Maintenance – easy to clean, tongue are easily replaceable,
  • Easy to Wear - Keepers and hooks are easy for beginners to lace up their skates and go skating.
  • Buckles or Laces are also available.
  • Exist in Different Sizes
  • Available in Euro Size 33 to 45
  • All skates are made in Hong Kong