Rental Skates

Okespor Rental Skates

Rentskate (figure rental skates)
Okeloc (hockey rental skates)

High quality leather interior skate

  • High quality leather interior
  • Padding a 4 mm foam at the ankle for optional comfort
  • Stitched stem finishes
  • Hand-mount metal elements (hooks, rivets, quick passages)
  • Tabs and soles placed by hand allowing easy replacement

PVC injection molding

  • Solidity at all events
  • Riveted, 8 mm riveted tongue with hydrophobic neoprene
  • Double injection reinforcement + rod
  • No seams or gluing on the outside

Easy lacing

  • Quick couplers
  • Hooks for a large opening
  • Easy feet insert for comfort


  • Blue/ Black